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The following, are some examples of work that has been carried out by NetSet UK Ltd. If you have a requirement that fits into any of these areas, or even if you don't, please contact us for an informal discussion of what NetSet UK Ltd can do for you.

Programme Management
NetSet UK Ltd have managed a number of European and UK Programmes, to deliver complete business solutions. One of the largest programmes included the development of new hardware and software to enable the complete European sales team of a major Global Telecommunications Company, to provide an on the spot quote to their customer which was then incorporated into a contract, printed out there and then from the newly developed hardware solution. This programme not only managed the hardware and software development but prior to that, the full Feasibility Study, Financial Justification and Business Case. The software solution consisted of a newly developed sales tool, along with a back office server solution to dynamically manage the sales force's new hardware, therefore minimising support expenditure. A partnership was also implemented with one of the world's leading IT Support and Maintenance companies to ensure the sales force were fully operational at all times. A new team of Project Managers and Technical Engineers was also managed as part of the programme to deliver the overall business solution.

Project Management
NetSet UK Ltd have managed many projects over the last fifteen years. These have ranged from specialist electronic instrumentation through to the latest Internet offerings. Our Project Managers come from a technical background, and are all Prince2 certified. We have a number of tried and tested techniques that we use as part of the service we offer, this greatly reduces the learning curve timescales, allowing us to concentrate upon our core objective: Delivery.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
NetSet UK Ltd provided the Programme Management to outsource the IT Infrastructure of Europe's largest Serviced Office company from their headquarters in the UK to their newly chosen service provider's Data Centre in central London. All IT services were migrated, utilising our proven migration methods, over a one year period during weekends and evenings to minimise downtime. This included over one hundred and seventy five servers, and the design and implementation of a new fully resilient networking infrastructure to support the business demands of the organisation.

IT Infrastructure Migration
NetSet UK Ltd have developed a straight forward proven approach to IT Migrations. One of three standard methods are employed according to your time and budgetary constraints. We have the contacts, and people ready at the drop of a hat to quickly respond to any migration requirement.

European IT Relocation
Utilising our proven migration methods, we've relocated a major international media and information company from two of their European offices in Holland, to their new service provider in central London. We've migrated Data Centres for a major European Telecommunications company from Brussels, Dublin and Stockholm to their new centre in central London. We've also migrated Data Centres for one of the major Global Telco's.

Business Analysis
NetSet UK Ltd have analysed, developed and presented business cases for Internet, Telecoms and Financial customers that have identified an opportunity or business requirement that needs to determine the feasibility. Budgets are carefully calculated for all resources (Personnel, Hardware, Software, Real Estate), against the high level Programme Plan.

Business Processes
NetSet UK Ltd have written numerous business processes ranging from simple work packages through to complete business life cycle definitions (e.g. specific instructions along each point in a sales bid through to the implementation of that bid's specific solution), to ensure our customers benefit from a consistent approach to the day to day management of their business. All our documentation is written in clear and concise English.

Business Tool Development
NetSet UK Ltd have developed mathematical models to expedite business processes ranging from logistical analysis tools to sales bid tools. One of our tools determined the amount of stock in each location required throughout a country to provide the most cost effective supply of materials to allow a field engineer to carry out their work. Another tool calculated the full end to end business cost (including all overheads, resources, specialist/custom fields, etc), to allow the sales team to quickly respond to a customer's need for a quote.

Data Centre Implementation/Development
NetSet UK Ltd have managed the implementation of brand new data centres for two of the largest Global and European Telecommunications companies. Given a basic empty facility, we managed all aspects to fit out a data centre right through to full operational status. This included, power, raised flooring, structured cabling, network connectivity (fibre from the street through to the ODF, and then onto the routers and switches), rack installation and fitting, custom caged areas, office and support areas.

Business Case Proposals
NetSet UK Ltd have developed a number of business cases for various clients, that provide a complete breakdown of the proposal into plain English to allow those investing to quickly make a decision. This includes financial analysis to enable the investors when they will see a return on their investment, and to determine the overall cost of actually implementing the proposal.

Financial Justification
Either separately or as a part of a business case, NetSet UK Ltd have developed financial cost analysis to show exactly what funding is required, and when.

Feasibility Studies
Either separately or as a part of a business case, NetSet UK Ltd have carried out a number of feasibility studies to allow senior management within an organisation to determine whether they should go ahead with a specific project or programme of work.


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